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Ethics & Human Research

Perspectives from a Predominantly African
American Community about Biobank
Research and a Biobank Consent Form

ABSTRACT Minority populations have been underrepresented in clinical trials, as well as in research biobanks that are created to conduct research with participants’ biospecimens and related medical and research data. Biobank research raises issues about informed consent and privacy and the confidentiality of participants’ personal data. Our study in-volved three focus groups of 10 adults each that were conducted in a medically underserved, predominantly African American community to elucidate questions and concerns regarding an institutional biobank. Transcripts from the discussion were qualitatively analyzed. Three main themes that arose from the focus groups included the importance of trust, the importance of the community in research, and suggestions to improve trust. The concerns identified in this study provide a starting point for future research to help research institutions become more trustworthy to the com-munities they serve.

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