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Medical workers are seen outside Lenox Health Greenwich Village as people applaud at 7pm to show their gratitude to medical staff and essential workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.
Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, New York, USA - 28 Apr 2020

Ethics & Human Research

Ethical Inclusion of Health Care Workers in Covid-19 Research

Employees are often considered a vulnerable research population due to concerns about consent and confidentiality, but there is insufficient guidance regarding their ethical inclusion in research. In the context of Covid-19, frontline health care workers comprise a particularly relevant research population in light of their risks of viral exposure and psychological strain, among other factors. They may therefore be targeted for research conducted at their place of employment and benefit from participating in such research. Beyond Covid-19, there are circumstances in which health care workers may be considered for inclusion in research conducted by or with the involvement of their colleagues and employers. As investigators, sponsors, institutional review boards, and others assess the ethical permissibility of these scenarios, as well as relevant protections, we recommend systematic consideration of social and scientific value, validity, fairness, risks and benefits, voluntary consent, respect, and independent review. There is often good reason to specifically target health care workers for inclusion in Covid-19 research (beyond convenience), and they should not be excluded from research offering the prospect of direct benefit. However, additional safeguards may be necessary in employer-based research to avoid scientific bias, promote voluntariness, and solicit stakeholder input. Employers should exclude research personnel from enrolling in their own Covid-19 studies unless those studies offer access to unique benefits.

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