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Cosmo Lotto

In books and articles I have written on just access to biomedical enhancement, I lament the likelihood that only wealthier individuals would be able to afford enhancements that might give them significant social advantages. I have suggested that one way to help preserve a belief in equality of opportunity might be to operate a lottery. Everyone would be given one chance to win in each drawing. The winner would gain free access to all commonly available enhancement technologies. The frequency of drawings and the odds could be adjusted to be more or less favorable depending on how unequal people felt.

I therefore note the recent announcement that a London-based cosmetic surgery company is running what is believed to be the world’s first plastic surgery lottery. The lottery has been condemned by British plastic surgeons, perhaps because the operations will be performed in Prague.

– Max Mehlman

Published on: January 31, 2007
Published in: Emerging Biotechnology, Medicine & Business

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