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Message from the President

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Take a look at the interconnected circles that form the blueprint for the work of The Hastings Center. Which of these issues do you care most about? What grabs you?
Visioning Diagram

The work of The Hastings Center touches lives at every stage from birth, to middle age, to aging and end-of-life, with difficult questions at every juncture. Our work helps individuals make more informed personal deci­sions. We also shape national and international policies that affect millions of people.

For over four decades, Hastings research has made a real difference. Without the non-partisan and indepen­dent lens we bring to critical issues, polarization and dogma could win the day. Our goal—and our record—is one of asking tough questions that would otherwise have remained invisible. We ensure that a diversity of view­points are engaged, then offer analyses that lead to solutions.

I hope you value the role The Hastings Center plays in our society. By joining forces with Hastings, you are working to secure well-reasoned, civil discourse on some of life’s most difficult and demanding questions.


Thank you!


Mildred Z. Solomon, EdD
President and CEO

P.S. You can support Hastings with an unrestricted gift, or you may earmark your contribution this year for one or more of the “Circles” where you would most like to see your dollars at work.

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