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Navigating Growth Attenuation in Children with Profound Disabilities: Children's Interests, Family Decision-Making, and Community Concerns

Bejamin S. Wilfond, Paul Steven Miller, Carolyn Korfiatis, Douglas S. Diekema, Denise M. Dudzinski, Sara Goering, and the Seattle Growth Attenuation and Ethics Working Group


Offense to Third Parties?

Norman Fost


Discrimination against Children with Cognitive Impairments?

Eva Feder Kittay


Against Fixing a Child—A Parent's View

Sue Swenson


In Support of the Ashley Treatment—A Parent's View

Sandy Walker


Field Notes

Bioethics in the Blogosphere

Susan Gilbert

From the Editor

The Kids Are All Right

Gregory E. Kaebnick


The Egg Hunt



Private Reparations

Larry I. Palmer

Another Voice

Attenuated Thoughts

Alice Dreger

At Law

Brain Imaging and Courtroom Deception

Rebecca Dresser

Policy and Politics

Speaking Off Label

Stephen R. Latham

Case Study


Douglas J. Opel and Maureen Kelley