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Teaching Bioethics  

Lisa M. Lee, Mildred Z. Solomon, and Amy Gutmann

Enhancing Moral Agency: Clinical Ethics Residency for Nurses

Ellen M. Robinson, Susan M. Lee, Angelika Zollfrank, Martha Jurchak, Debra Frost, and Pamela Grace

Emerging Ethical Issues in Reproductive Medicine: Are Bioethics Educators Ready?

Ruth M. Farrell, Jonathan S. Metcalfe, Michelle L. McGowan, Kathryn L. Weise, Patricia K. Agatisa, and Jessica Berg

On Cultivating the Courage to Speak Up: The Critical Role of Attendings in the Moral Development of Physicians in Training

Divya Yerramilli



Special Reports


Field Notes

Dying and Multiplying Life

David Rodríguez-Arias

From the Editor

Learning about Teaching

Gregory E. Kaebnick


Personal Identity as a Form of Freedom

Marta Spranzi and Laurence Brunet


We Need Both Evidence and Values to Navigate Uncertainty

Ross E. G. Upshur