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The Hastings Center Report began publication in 1971. A description of all articles, essays, columns, letters, and book reviews staring with volume 36, along with selected content from previous volumes, is now available. Some content is available free to registered viewers. Past content from the Hastings Center Report can also be found in our selected past articles archive, at PubMed, and through JSTOR.
May-June 2016 (volume 46, number 3)
Articles about why bioethics needs a disability moral psychology and about implicit cognition, social psychology, and the problem of gift giving from pharmaceutical representatives to physicians.
March-April 2016 (volume 46, no. 2)
Articles on conscience as a positive force in decisions to provide medical care and on when and why research without consent can be permissible.
January-February 2016 (volume 46, number 1)
Articles on epigenetics and knowledge translation and on participants’ views of open consent in the Personal Genome Project.
November - December 2015 (volume 45, number 6)
Articles on ethical issues arising with the development of neural devices and on how moral claims masquerade as facts in the debate on the determination of death.
September-October 2015 (Volume 45 Issue 5)
45 5 2015 September - October 0 From the Editor The Mechanics of Morality Gregory Kaebnick true Field Notes Looking for Experts (A Call for Essays) Susan Gilbert false Exchange Normalizing Aid in Dying within the Practice of Medicine Kathryn L. Tucker false Exchange Th
July-August 2015 (volume 45, number 4)
Articles exploring when genome researchers should disclose misattributed parentage and on race, ethics, and clinical vulnerability in the malarial treatment of neurosyphilis in the early to mid-twentieth century.
May-June 2015 (volume 45, issue 3)
With articles on the valorization of courage among health care workers and on whether patient-satisfaction surveys improve health care.
March-April 2015 (volume 45, number 2)
With articles about clinical translation and about men and abortion decisions.
January-February 2015 (volume 45, issue 1)
With articles and a set of commentaries on the SUPPORT study, exploring whether there were "additional foreseeable risks" and discussing the lessons for comparative effectiveness research to be drawn from the study.
November-December 2014 (Volume 44, Issue 6)
With articles on biotic games and on obesity, individual liberty, and public health emergencies. And with the special report "Synthetic Future: Can We Create What We Want Out of Synthetic Biology?"
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