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The Hastings Center Report began publication in 1971. A description of all articles, essays, columns, letters, and book reviews staring with volume 36, along with selected content from previous volumes, is now available. Some content is available free to registered viewers. Past content from the Hastings Center Report can also be found in our selected past articles archive, at PubMed, and through JSTOR.
March-April 2014 (volume 44, number 2)
44 2 2014 March - April 0 From the Editor Grand Rounds Gregory E. Kaebnick true Field Notes Hashtag Bioethics Mohini Banerjee true Essay Adrienne Asch: Memories of a Close Friend and Collaborator David Wasserman false false false Essay What Adrienne Knew: Living
January-February 2014 (volume 44, number 1)
44 1 2014 January - February 0 Field Notes Et in Arcadio ego Nancy Berlinger true From the Editor Thinking about Thinking Gregory E. Kaebnick true Exchange Bloomberg, Hitchens, and the Libertarian Critique Roger Magnusson true Exchange Defending Public Health Regulatio
November-December 2013 (volume 43, number 6)
Articles on the debate about exactly when a person dies and on voluntary sterilization for childfree women.
September-October 2013 (volume 43, number 5)
43 5 2013 September - October 0 false false false false false false false false false
July-August 2013 (volume 43, number 4)
Articles on shared decision-making, incidental findings, genetic testing, and "death panels."
May-June 2013 (volume 43, number 3)
Articles on obesity stigma, prostitution, privacy, vaccines against smoking, and public health service research.
March-April 2013 (volume 43, number 2)
With an article and commentary on the ethics of generating and disseminating sensitive research that, in the wrong hands, could harm society, and an article that analyzes the ways in which researchers may manipulate people into participating in research.
January-February 2013 (volume 43, number 1)
With an article and commentary on uncontrolled donation after circulatory determination of death and articles on obesity and how to respect donors to biobanks.
November-December 2012 (volume 42, number 6)
42 6 2012 November - December 1 Field Notes Latitudes and Longitudes Mary Crowley false From the Editor Battles over the Sexes Gregory E. Kaebnick true Letters When Is a Failure of Imagination Dangerous? true Essay Physician, Patient, Parent: Where Exactly Is the L
September-October 2012 (volume 42, number 5)
With articles on the rhetoric of patient empowerment in personalized genomic medicine and maintaining trust in newborn screening programs through informed consent and seven essays examining the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in light of the Supreme Court's decision in National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius.
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