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Bioethics Briefing Book

undefinedFrom Birth to Death and Bench to Clinic: The Hastings Center Bioethics Briefing Book for Journalists, Policymakers, and Campaigns contains 36 overviews of issues in bioethics of high public interest, such as abortionhealth care reformhuman and sports enhancement,organ transplantationpersonalized medicinemedical error, and stem cells. The chapters, written by leading ethicists, are nonpartisan, presenting reasonable considerations from various perspectives that are grounded in good scientific and ethical facts. They each include recent news stories, clickable experts to contact, linked resources, and (where available) recent legislation and campaign positions. Greater detail on how to use the book is in the introduction. The three framing essays offer valuable insights into the historical and increasing relevance of bioethics to public policy.

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Table of Contents

  1. Abortion
    Bonnie Steinbock
  2. Assisted Reproduction
    Adrienne Asch and Rebecca Marmor
  3. Clinical Trials
    Christine Grady
  4. Cloning
    Christopher Thomas Scott and Irving L. Weissman
  5. DNA and Law Enforcement
    Karen J. Maschke
  6. End of Life Care
    Alan Meisel
  7. Enhancing Humans
    Mark S. Frankel and Christina J. Kapustij
  8. Environment and Health
    David B. Resnik and Christopher J. Portier
  9. Family Caregiving
    Carol Levine
  10. Gene Patents
    Robert Cook-Deegan
  11. Health Care Reform
    Norman Daniels and Marc Roberts
  12. Influenza Pandemic
    Alexandra Minna Stern and Howard Markel
  13. Medical Error
    Nancy Berlinger
  14. Mental Health in Children and Adolescents
    Erik Parens and Josephine Johnston
  15. Multinational Research
    Voo Teck Chuan, Jacqueline Chin, and Alastair V. Campbell
  16. Nanotechnology
    Evan S. Michelson, Ronald Sandler, and David Rejeski
  17. Neonatal Care
    Alan R. Fleischman
  18. Newborn Screening
    Mary Ann Baily
  19. Organ Transplantation
    Arthur Caplan
  20. Personalized Medicine and Genomics
    Anne-Marie Laberge and Wylie Burke
  21. Physician Assisted Death
    Timothy E. Quill and Jane Greenlaw
  22. Public Health
    Lawrence O. Gostin
  23. Sports Enhancement
    Thomas H. Murray
  24. Stem Cells
    Insoo Hyun
  25. Synthetic Biology
    Michele S. Garfinkel, Drew Endy, Gerald L. Epstein, and Robert M. Friedman

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