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HC reform imageThe implementation of health care reform is controversial and contentious. While surveys show that most Americans are dissatisfied with the current system and think it should be fundamentally altered, support breaks down around what to do and how to control costs. Clarity on the values underlying health care is needed to find the common ground required for consensus. As Daniel Callahan, cofounder of The Hastings Center and editor of the Health Care Cost Monitor, said in testimony to the President’s Council on Bioethics, “I believe that by far the most important problem in bioethics is that of formulating criteria for a humane health care system, one that rests on a solid foundation of appropriate goals for medicine.” A collection of articles on health care reform from the Hastings Center Report is available in Resources, below.
From the Hastings Center

Bioethics Briefing Book

Health Care Reform

By Norman Daniels and Marc Roberts

Bioethics Forum

The Health Care Cost Monitor

Daniel Callahan

Bioethics Forum

With Liberty and Justice for All

Mary Crowley

Bioethics Forum

Health Care Reform: A Guide to Current Events

David Pratt and Alicia Ouellette


Accountability: Patient Safety and Policy Reform

Edited by Virginia A. Sharpe According to a recent Institute of Medicine report, as many as 98,000 Americans die each year as a result of medical error – more than from


 Bioethics Briefs - Michael K. Gusmano

 Bioethics Briefs: The World Cities Project 
Hastings Center Research Scholar Michael Gusmano talks about The World Cities Projects, which compares the health and social policy of New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo.

Bioethics Briefs – Sustainable Medicine

Bioethics Briefs: Sustainable MedicineHastings Center Senior Research Scholar and Cofounder Daniel Callahan talks about the health care cost crisis and his theory of sustainable medicine.