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Karen J. Maschke, Ph.D
Karen MaschkeKaren Maschke, a scholar at the Hastings Center, has expertise in the legal, ethical, and policy issues surrounding the development and use of new biomedical technologies. She has worked on several NIH-funded projects that focused on genetic research with human biospecimens and the development and governance of research biobanks. The projects examined issues of informed consent, privacy, data sharing, and the return of research results to study participants. In collaboration with fellow Hastings Center scholar Michael Gusmano, she is currently developing a long-term research project that examines the politics of evidence-based medicine in the regulatory, payer, and clinical settings. This work will explore how values, interests, and political ideology play a role in shaping, framing, and evaluating evidence about the potential benefits and harms of new biomedical technologies.
Maschke is a political scientist with a PhD from Johns Hopkins University. She also holds a master’s degree in bioethics from Case Western Reserve University and was a Bioethics Fellow at the Cleveland Clinic from 1999-2000. She joined the Hastings Center in 2003 as a Research Scholar and is the editor of IRB: Ethics & Human Research, one of two journals published by the Hastings Center.