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Josephine Johnston, LLB, MBHL

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Josephine Johnston 2015Josephine Johnston is a New Zealand-trained lawyer with a Masters degree in bioethics and health law from the University of Otago. She joined the staff of the Hastings Center in August of 2003 as a Research Scholar, and has been Director of Research since 2012. 

Ms. Johnston’s research focuses on controversial uses of medicine and biomedical technology, particularly in human reproduction, psychiatry and neuroscience.  She has written about ethical and legal issues associated with pediatric psychiatry, stem cell research, assisted reproduction, the patenting of biomedical innovations, and the management of financial conflicts of interest in research. Ms. Johnston is currently researching the ethical implications of using new genetic technologies during pregnancy and, with colleagues at UCSF, in newborn babies. She is also a member of Columbia University Medical Center’s CEER looking at the ethical, legal and social implications of psychiatric, neurologic and behavioral genetics (http://braingenethics.cumc.columbia.edu). In addition, Ms. Johnston has, with colleagues at Kent Place School, developed a Hastings Center-style research program for high school students. 

Selected Publications

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