About Us > Staff

President and CEO
Mildred Z. Solomon

Research Scholars
Nancy Berlinger, Research Scholar
Daniel Callahan, Senior Research Scholar and President Emeritus
Michael K. Gusmano, Research Scholar
Josephine Johnston, Research Scholar
Gregory E. Kaebnick, Research Scholar
Karen J. Maschke, Research Scholar
Sarah McGraw, Senior Research Scholar
Thomas H. Murray, Senior Research Scholar and President Emeritus
Erik Parens, Senior Research Scholar 

Senior Advisors
Rosemary Gibson, Senior Advisor
Bruce Jennings, Senior Advisor
 Dave Vannier, Senior Advisor for Education
Wendell Wallach, Senior Advisor

Marketing & Communications
Bill Jeffway, Director of Marketing and Communications
Susan Gilbert, Public Affairs and Communications Manager

Editorial and Publications
Laura Haupt, Managing Editor, Hastings Center Report, IRB: Ethics and Human Research
Gregory E. Kaebnick, Director, Editorial Department; Editor, Hastings Center Report
Karen J. Maschke, Editor, IRB: Ethics & Human Research
Nora Porter, Art Director
Anne Marie Schoonhoven, Circulation Marketing Manager

Information Technology
Dilip Kulkarni, Chief Information Officer

Research Support
Vicki Peyton, Administrative Assistant to the Research Department
Chelsea Jack, Research Assistant
Mohini Banerjee, Research Assistant

 Bill Jeffway, Director of Development
Siofra Vizzi, Development Assistant
Noel Crotone, Development and Marketing Technology Manager

Administration & Finance 
Jodi Fernandes, Executive Assistant to the President
Deborah Giordano, Accounting Manager
Josephine Johnston, Director of Research
Sarah McGraw, Director of Program Development
Cathy Meisterich, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer
Carol Nutter, Director of Grants Management
Lin Tarrant, Finance Assistant
Christine Zouzias, Administrative Assistant, Website Coordinator


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